Feedback on my experience after 1 year

Hi, the community.
I m using cryptomator for around 12 months, and more often for 3 months.
What I can say, its not usable for professional usage. All is ok if you are writing not often if you consider your repository like an archive, but when you start to create a document, to update it often, manipulate folder, copy, past, the mess started.
My experience may be related to the cloud used (private NAS )but it’s interesting to share it.
Let me explain, often I got the creation of the duplicate files, meaning you work on mydoc1.docx and you retrieve in your folder mydoc1.docx(1) mydoc1.docx(2), etc same things with pdf excel all extension.
For me it was annoying but I was able to deal with it.

But today I got the same things on a folder, my work in progress folder was renamed into “untitled folder” 1 and 2, and I did a big mistake, I delete it, cause I didn’t realize my folder was renamed. So I have lost 6 days of work. Lost not really, cause after a battle I was able to recover it, but 2 hours to figure out what was the delete folder name encrypted and try to restore it. The date was not help full as expected cause in my Linux system the last modification date was not the “deletion” but the creation of the “original folder”. Anyway, I was a sponsor, but I will try to found another tool with professional behavior. When you start to encrypt some files they are important, you have to trust the system.

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