[Fedora Silverblue],[Flatpack] v1.6.17 Only local storage is available

I can’t add any network storage in the app.
Neither with the new vault dialog nor with the adding exsisting dialog.
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Help is much appreciated.

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

you can find the solution in the following thread:

Thank you very much.
i will take a look.

The provided solution doesn’t fix my problem.
Non of the dialogs showed me any network drive, cloud providers or the generic web-dav solution like the android app.

Did someone experience something similar?

Thanks in advance!

The desktop version of Cryptomator cannot access remote storages directly. See also

Sorry to bother you with this. I must have missed that part of the FAQ.

Thanks for your support!

I will try to integrate that into the File-Manger of Fedora, which should have Web-DAV support.

No problem.

I don’t use Fedora, but if you are using the default setup with the GNOME desktop environment, then i suggest to use davfs2 instead of the Nautilus (default GNOME filemanager) WebDAV integration. The reason is a bug between Cryptomator and GNOME, such that Cryptomator cannot work properly with gvfs provided vaults. See also

Thanks for the advise. That saves me a lot of time! :smiley: