Feature Requests (Pinned Thread)?

Maybe we could have a pinned post about what features are garnering attention. It should reduce repeated posts. It would need guidelines:

  1. Feature in a few words
  2. Why it is needed
  3. Additional guidelines?

I will start.

  1. Multiple passwords; Read-only access.
  2. The problem I had better adopting Cryptomator in the last year or two is the target audience is narrow. In my opinion the best use I see for the technology is sharing data. Currently that is not realistic.

If I have an online drive, using the master password on others’ computers, or wifi, is best avoided.
Giving out the password to my storage is not an option. The ability to selectively share folders securely, with read-only permissions, means instant adoption by many.

Multiple passwords using access levels is a solution.

To start, it could just be a secondary password with read-only access. Optimally, multiple users would be implemented to selectively limit access (UserX has read/write permissions for DirectoryOne, no access to DirectoryTwo and read-only access to DirectoryThree). The future could bring write/delete quotas or maybe versioning.

Know a way this can be completed now? Please describe it. I appreciate this project. Please keep up the good. work.