Feature Request: Two passwords for one vault unlocking different content

Can I suggest a feature on the forum?

It would be cool to use the password as labels, to unlock different content.

That is, you need only 1 vault. Different passwords lead to different content.

Thank you for reading.

Sure thing, we are always happy to hear new Ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently there is no plan to implement such a feature, but it is an interesting use case. Thank you for the suggestion!

This sort of sounds like the venerable PhonebookFS or the Rubberhose project, where one could use different passwords in a repository to access different levels of information. It would be sort of like having multiple, separate vaults in one spot, with both genuine data, as well as some “chaff” (which belongs to no data set, but there to deter guessing via space.)

As of now, there is nothing that can do this, other than VeraCrypt with its outer and secret volumes. It may be a nice feature, but it might be something that can add complexity. Assuming that a mounted vault just showed files that were mounted under that password, it might be something useful, but if someone is trying to have two passwords for plausible deniability, this wouldn’t work, unless there were autocreated files that had no keys and just were random numbers to provide that.

I do think this would be a useful use case, if only because it might be a way to allow someone to have protected files on a laptop, and if asked by border security, they can provide a key to them, while ensuring that their really secure documents are not visible, similar to how VeraCrypt has its hidden volume.

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