[Feature Request] Symbolic Link helper

I’m manually create symbolic link to split folder d, masterkey.cryptomator, vault.cryptomator more than half year a ago, never have any error, maybe future add a helper for this features ? below my use case


  • Pop!OS 20.04
  • Pop!OS 22.04

Dropbox :
d = /home/user/Dropbox/d

OneDrive :
masterkey.cryptomator = /home/user/OneDrive/E2EE.key
vault.cryptomator = /home/user/OneDrive/E2EE.vault

Create symbolic link

ln -s /home/user/Dropbox/d /home/user/.cryptomator/vault1/d
ln -s /home/user/OneDrive/E2EE.key /home/user/Dropbox/d /home/user/.cryptomator/vault1/masterkey.cryptomator
ln -s /home/user/OneDrive/E2EE.vault /home/user/Dropbox/d /home/user/.cryptomator/vault1/vault.cryptomator
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