Feature Request: Resilio Sync Access on iOS

We are using Resilio Sync extensively on Mac, iOS and Synology NAS. We’re at the same time getting rid of “traditional” cloud services. DropBox has gone and Box hangs around only for the odd encrypted payload.

Resilio Sync is fast, easy and extensible. We’d dearly love to be able to store vaults in there, not just on Mac, but for all of our end points.

My simple understanding is it would also get away from using WebDAV which I am growing to hate - particularly with Excel.

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Sync Pro does offer Encrypted folder support.

The issue is not whether it offers encrypted folder support - it does, using its own encryption, but those folders are only readable/writable using another RW key to create another RW folder. However none of that is relevant to this request.

The issue that’s being raised in this request is to enable Cryptomator on iOS to access Resilio Sync as a storage location for vaults.

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Thanks for giving me an amazing idea! WebDAW is good, when you have a lot of free space. But running Cryptomater on top of Resilio Sync seems to be THE BEST combination for speed and the Torrent protocol.