[Feature Request] On Android choose folders to automatically sync to chosen vaults and folders


I would like to see the option where i can choose folders on my phone that cryptomator will automatically upload to a chosen vault and preferably a chosen folder within the vaults.

Basically the same as photo and video upload right now but the for manually chosen folders across the phone.

Right now i am using Foldersync for that but it does not encrypt the files. Cryptomator will be the go to App if it implements this.

Hi and thanks for your feature request!

It is already present in our issue tracker, see https://github.com/cryptomator/android/issues/86

Thank you for the reply. I already saw those but was a bit disappointed the request was made in 2017 and last real comments or updates are from 1,5 year ago. Does not spark much hope for it to ever be implemented

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