Feature request: no need dnld/decrypt/ecrypt/upload between vault of same password?I


i put file on google drive.

if i use file based encryption as by competitor,
i just upload once and can move literally to all places
provided that inside the encrypred folder.

for ctmt, for what i guess,
if i got 2 vault on google,
Move between them will mean:
dnld, decrypt, encrypt, upload.
even both vault is same password…

any chance to deal with this? thx

sorry for my many post on comments.
i do wish ctmt to be better.


when move from 1st to 3rd, no need any upload/dnld/encrypt/decrypt.


i think even vault1 and 2 have same password, ctmt need dnld/decrypt/encrypt/upload…


correct. because only your password is not the encryption key.
Even if 2 vaults have the same password, the encryption is different.

From my point of view: no.

What I do not understand: why do you set up 2 vaults in 1 storage (e.G. google Drive) with the same password? what is the intention? where is the added value for you?

Sometimes I dont have enough time to organize and just upload everthing first on google drive,

and create a new vault and name it with date.

This repeated in the other day.

Then later I wanna organize them into a 3rd vault.

That’s OK, may be I can change my way by

make a super large vault for my whole google drive,

then each time make just a new folder with date, instead of a new vault.