Feature request: Mounting with "allow_root" on macOS

There has been a similar request here: Spotlight indexing of FUSE volumes, but mine has a different background, so I opened a new topic.

I would like to schedule a regular backup to my Cryptomator-vault with Carbon Copy Cloner. This doesn’t work, however, because CCC runs as root and the Cryptomaotor-vaults by default mount only for the current user. Therefore access is denied.

I realize there is a way to enable “allow_root” myself via Terminal and I have checked that out. But I didn’t find any clear instructions (clear to ME) and to be honest, it’s a little too hot for me. I wouldn’t know exactly what I’m doing, so I won’t do it.

If there are no huge objections, could there be a feature to simply allow that mount-option in Cryptomator’s UI?



I opened an issue on GitHub for this:

Hi, I wish to use CCC to regularly backup Cryptomator vault as well. May I know how did you make it work ya? Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi, I am new to this. And all this sounds like another language to me. How to I “allow_root” for cryptomator?
I have FUSE installed, but I am not managing to find the options to allow me to use it. I want to use it with Carbon Copy Cloner

Double to Using Cryptomator with Carbon Copy Cloner - detailed instructions for newbies

Just wondering, did this request has been solved? Can we know add allow_root flag to FUSE volume in order to do CCC backup?

@CryptoAdvocate / @Oluwaseun_Abdul

Good morning,
I managed to use CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) thanks to Mac FUSE-T !!

I have :


  • CCC works
  • Saving is faste r!
  • The apple search “Spotlight” works !
  • All without any assembly customization to do !

Hello, may I ask you to precise what you mean by " The apple search “Spotlight” works !" ? I am also using FUSE-T, yet Spotlight still does not find anything in my mounted Cryptomator volumes…