[Feature Request] Mitigate against connection interruptions/crashes during upload?

Please consider a feature that would mitigate against the following occurrence:

  1. Google-drive-ocamlfuse is being used with Cryptomator, because although the cloud storage is still browsable with a file manager like regular sync software, it is the only linux solution which at the same time only actually downloads/streams files when the user opens. This is ideal for storing a large video library in the cloud without having to use local storage.

  2. User moves directory with say 30GB of files into the virtual drive created by cryptomator.

  3. After Cryptomator has finished encrypting, but while google-drive-ocamlfuse is still uploading these new files, there is either a power outage or the system is otherwise turned off.

  4. On restarting the system, although the new files were encrypted with Cryptomator, because google-drive-ocamlfuse never finished uploading all of them, only some of them are now visible in the virtual drive for the vault.