[Feature Request] Limit size of debug-mode log files

Hi all,

I know that with debug mode activated, log files can easily grow up fast.
(example: Grrr... 10 GB log file!)

Because of my beta testing and my curiosity, my debug mode is always activated. Unfortunately, when it comes to “analysis” I nearly can’t work with the files, as my editors (notepad++, windows editor, or any other I tried) cannot open such big files (in my case round about 1-2 GB each file), and with Chrome I can open them, but if I search for something chromes crashes after some time.
So I have to manually split the log files before I search them.

Request: it would be nice if the log file size would stay under 250 MB (or be configurable), even with activated debug mode.


I have created a github ticket as well.

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