Feature request: How about a PIN

On my iPhone, Cryptomator offers an option to require the user to enter the password again for certain items. This is good security. But the password for launching the app is or should be a long string of letters and numbers that is a big hassle to retype on the phone’s mini keyboard. And I have fat fingers. Would it be possible to introduce a feature allowing the user to register a second password or pin for use in opening the locked item that is easier to type and remember?

Hi Blue,

On my iphone 10 I can use Face ID to unlock my vaults. Is that not possible on your phone?


Thank you very much. But I’m not referring to the initial unlocking of the vault. After unlocking the vault, there is an option to require entering the password again the second time for certain items. It is this second entry I’m talking about. (Anyway if the password is identical for the second entry, how does that increase security?)

I don’t get it where you have the option to enter any password twice.
The only password I have to enter to access my vaults on iOS is the vault password. (Despite the one time I have to enter my credentials for the storage provider connection).

You are right. I have several vaults and I got mixed up when I was asked for a password for a different vault. Sorry for being an idiot.