[Feature Request] Cryptomator native support on Synology (server side)

This is a request to have Cryptomator available directly on the Synology NAS for local access of local stored vaults. NOT for remote access!

This is the use case for this:

  • running the Synology NAS as a cloud fileserver. For example, sharing files via Synology Drive or WebDAV to a remote user
  • on a remote user’s device, the user is able to access files via the Cryptomator app.
  • accessing the same files through the Synology WebUI (Files app, Synology Drive app) is however not possible.

So far so good with remote access. But if a remote user wants to move files eg between vaults or add files to a vault from another share on the same NAS, this is causing a roundtrip (likely via WebDAV) from the NAS to the user’s endpoint device back to the NAS. Due to limited bandwidth and performance of remote access protocols, this is very time consuming.

Therefore for larger file transfers especially with thousands of files, Synology offers the ability to directly work on the filesystem through the Files application (via their webinterface) or alternatively through the Synology Drive’s web application. Handling files there is much much faster, as it’s operating directly on the NAS native storage without the need of a roundtrip for the data through a fileserver protocol like SMB/WebDAV/FTP, …

However, a user can’t handle and manage data in a Cryptomator vault this way. It’s also not easy to create an unencrypted backup from a Cryptomator vault from the NAS to a directly attached local disc (again would need to handle this through a remote system).

Therefore I’m looking for a solution/integration of Cryptomator directly in the local filesystem of Synology to enable users to manage their encrypted data fast and efficient through the native WebUI of Synology NAS systems.

i am using the webdav server on my nas and crytomator vault on my iOs and MacOS devices. unfortunatly this corrupted multiple files. I am currently looking for an alternative where filed are encrypted and decypted using an app on the device.

If you have docker or container engine installed. Then you can use this.

cryptomator-docker synology