Feature Request: Checksum verification on the pCloud server

Hi to all!

I just read that native pCloud support is realized by the pCloud API instead of WebDAV. That’s great!

Is it possible to add checking checksum SHA1 or SHA256:
a) Before sending a file to the server
b) After sending (when the file is already on the server)
Automatically or manually.
Using these API: https://docs.pcloud.com/methods/file/checksumfile.html
It can be wonderfully sleepily knowing that the file is not broken…

Best Regards

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Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

That’s a nice idea, but the problem on mobile devices is that would mean to make an additional request after every writing request. On mobile devices that’s quite expensive. The idea is quite interesting though :thinking:

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Personally, I use pCloud as a long-term backup (not real-time syncing).
To be 100% sure that the files on the server are not damaged, I need to:

  1. Calculate checksums of files locally
  2. Upload files to the server
  3. Download the files back to my computer
  4. Recalculate the checksums

This is very frustrating and time consuming (Especially for very large files 5GB - 300GB) :frowning:

I am aware that this feature can put a heavy strain on the OS and battery of the smartphone (I think).
That’s why I propose it only for the desktop version :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest in this idea!
In return, I will support the project with donations as far as I can!

That won’t work because the Desktop version doesn’t “connect” to cloud storage services like the mobile apps. It’s basically just working on the file system.

If you’re using pCloud’s sync client, I hope they’re already using their own API for checksum verification. But that’s up to their software.

This is very bad news for me :frowning:
So how does Cryptomator Desktop work? If you say it doesn’t “connect”?

I don’t want to use the pCloud client because it’s not Open Source

The idea collapsed?

It just creates the encrypted files on your local disc. You have to use a sync software to actually do the sync of these encrypted files with your preferred online storage provider.
This way Cryptomator is compatible with almost every storage provider that offers a sync app.

  1. What is the chance of implementing this function for Android?
  2. Is there a chance that the desktop version has become a “full client” pCloud (alone connected to the server), since pCloud provides SDK and API?

The chanches are very low. This might change over the time, but currently we are focusing on other projects or issues.

But you are invited to see, if the features are already suggested on our issue trackers (Android and Desktop) and if not, are invited to create new tickets for them.

Sorry, I made a wrong assumption. After uploading a file, pCloud directly returns the new hash of the uploaded file (among other things), so it’s pretty easy to implement this for the Android app…Can’t give an ETA but I will put your feature request in our issue tracker on GitHub.

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