[FEATURE REQUEST] Auto-upload from any folder I want

In one of your recent updates I saw that you added the ability to be able to auto-upload photos I’ve taken with my phone automatically to a specific vault. I would love to see this feature a bit more developed, so I could pick any folder I wanted to be automatically uploaded.

The reason for this is that I have several apps that only store data locally, and I automatically make a backup a week for this so if my phone ever breaks I always my data stored in the cloud. At the moment I manually go in and upload these to my chosen Cryptomator vault, it would be really nice to have this part of the automatic backup that anything placed in a certain folder gets uploaded to my chosen vault. Preferably also deleted from my phone once it is uploaded. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: !

Nice feature, I’m waiting for it to be available, too :wink:.

It is already tracked on Github but unfortunately it will take some time until we implement it.
Please stay tuned!

And here I thought I looked into the github issues to see if there was a request for this. :smiley: Thanks for the answer! I will wait and hope it comes online. :slight_smile: