[Feature Request] Auto Remove Listed Vaults

I would like to see an option added to the global settings where you can turn on or off the capability to auto remove vaults from the Cryptomator list (note: only removes vault from list - it does not delete the vault). The options could include, remove the vaults from the list either 1) upon PC shutdown or exit, 2) when Cryptomator is started, or 3) when a vault is closed. The new setting by default should be set to off to avoid any changes to existing users experience. Additionally, it would be nice to have an option that is specific to a vault where you can override the default at the vault setting level to “pin” that vault to the Cryptomator screen so it is never removed.

The use case is to save time and remove the clutter of multiple vault names. Since I have multiple versions of the same vault (on my PC, on my NAS and on an external hard drive, etc.) it gets confusing to see so many vaults listed. I sometimes remove vaults to clear the clutter so I can just work on those specific vaults. I rarely open a vault from the Cryptomator screen. I always find the vault I want to open from its location and it automatically adds it to the list on the Cryptomator screen. While I am using that vault I can refer to the Cryptomator screen to see the location of the vault if necessary. When I close the vault (preferred) or the PC shuts down it removes the vault from the list unless I have turned on the “pin” option at the vault level. This option clears the clutter of several vaults of the same name being listed and saves time by eliminating the step by having to remove each vault individually which I try to remember to do before I shut down the PC or at startup.

Thanks for the consideration.

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