[Feature Request] Auto locking of vault

Hi Cryptomator-Team!
Thanks for a great tool that helps keeping sensitive data secure.
I would like to suggest a feature to further that goal: Auto locking a vault after a configurable time-span of inactivity.

I use Cryptomator to work with sensible data. It is important to me, that I can access the data than needed - hence it is sitting encrypted by Cryptomator on my machine and being backed up to a cloud data store. But most times, I just have to look something up and that’s it for the next couple of hours. But if I forget to lock the vault again, my data sits there accessible to all processes running on my machine. The benefit of auto-locking would be, that the data is accessible only than needed making it harder for malicious programs (ransomware etc.) or other users (if I forget to lock the machine) to “steal” it from my device(s).

Would it be possible to automatically close the vault after shall we say 10 minutes of inactivity, e.g. no files have been read or written?



Yes this should be possible. :+1:

I think, once we’re done with 1.5.0 we can add new features again.

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