[Feature Request] - Advanced encryption feature options for Cryptomator


I would like to see advanced / optional features in Cryptomator when creating vaults. I would like to be able to choose encryption algorithm, random seed, filesystem type. Also a possibility of creating hidden vaults will be nice.

Do you have any plans of implementing more detailed configuration menu for advanced users?

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No, there are no such plans.

There are some ideas to extend the vault creation menu for some configuration. But not encryption wise. A goal of Cryptomator is to keep security simple and not misconfigurable.

Thanks for your response. There will not be even a config file where I can set desired default settings? So for users it will remain simple, but for users who know what they are doing, can have custom configuration.

Maybe you can tell me the java class I can extend to put encryption options I want?

No, there will be no such thing.

It won’t be just a java class. Cryptomator is modern software, modularized in its different aspects which communicate over APIs.

You need to build your own version of cryptolib, providing implementations of the interfaces given in the api package. When you done that, you can simply replace the crypotlib.jar in the Cryptomator classpath with your self build jar.

I had seen elsewhere in the forum some comments that GCM would be added as a vault option as a replacement or alternative to AES-CTR. Is that no longer in the plans?

It is planned but I guess we got carried away with a lot of other stuff. I’m not so sure what the blocker even was but we haven’t made it a priority yet because we would need to update all apps at roughly the same time. But yes, GCM was the plan and it’s actually already implemented in our cryptolib/cryptofs libraries. It’s just unused yet.

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