Facing Windows Error after using Cryptonator



Hi, I am using Windows 10 and have Cryptomator 1.3.4 on my PC.

So whenever I try to open up my vaults now, they tend to open but my PC hangs and freezes. I have to literally restart it by powering off my PC.

What could possibly cost it? Should I downgrade it to previous versions? Thank you for your support.


Mhm, never had this issue. But I would rather recommend to upgrade to version 1.4 than downgrading.


Hi, I have already tried that. But as soon as I open up any of the vaults, my PC freezes right away.


This happens usually when you run on minimal PCs.


I don’t have a minimal PC. I am using Asus VivoBook S15 with MX 150 2 GB graphics card. Even GTA V runs on it smoothly.


Hey, It is usually not due to any PC specs. But like @Michael suggested, I’d suggest you to reinstall to the latest version. If you’re still facing the error, then maybe try the following links :

You might understand the problem more.


Thanks for the help. It was actually Cryptomator’s fault. It was having a Network Conflict with the Firewall.


Hello, I just updated to the most recent version (1.4.0), and I encounter a problem on my Windows 10 machine: when I open a vault, the cryptomator assigned drive letter becomes inaccessible after a few seconds. Could somebody help me with this? Thanks!