F-Droid Installation does not work

hey guys,
i want to buy cryptomator and using and downloading it via f-droid store.
this does not work. maby it would be great if you can give us a very detailed manuel how to do this.
here are my problems. i added the cryptomator repo to f-droid. than i opned the link via the app but nothing happens.
here are some screenshots with my problem:

please provide a detailed manual how to get crypotmator via f-droid. thanks. br

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

It sometimes take some seconds until F-Droid finishes its sync when a new repository is added. What happens when you search for Cryptomator in the list? No result?

Yeah, i cant find it in f-droid and under repository its marked as “unchecked” or “unverified”.

Did you used this link to add it https://static.cryptomator.org/android/fdroid/repo?fingerprint=F7C3EC3B0D588D3CB52983E9EB1A7421C93D4339A286398E71D7B651E8D8ECDD

Especially the fingerprint is important. If so I would suggest to remove and add it again.

Should look something like this