Extremely slow , and unreliable file access/mounting under Windows

Extremely slow
unreliable file access/mounting/file refresh under Windows

Try this:
Put data of: e.g. Session manager addon for firefox inside of an encrypted drive.

Watch session manager crash and burn because files are not accessible asap, but throws errors that files are not accessible etc.

I have to admit that, maybe, kernel driver approach of boxcryptor might be a faster and better solution whn working with rapid filesystem processing. Just a hint, not saying factually without trying out

just found out that using Google Drive you have to turn-off your internet connection (wi-fi in my case) to get up to speed. otherwise you will be stuck at minutes and minutes to encrypt and transfer each file.

initially i thought that turning off the google drive auto-sync app by simply exiting it had made the trick but, when i tried again, only when i shut down the internet access i could place thousands of files working like a normal file copy. after copying to the encryption drive you should restore internet connection and launch the google drive sync app

Making the files available offline solved the problem immediately for me. Hope this helps.

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