Extra Password for the app-unlock process



Hi folks!

I use Cryptomator on iOS-Devices. I uns different very long passwords in each of the vaults and so i’ve switched to TouchID.

  1. It’s possible to unlock the app with an another, separated code (about 4-8 digits), like th app “MiniKeePass”?
  2. And if the unlock-code is wrong, the vault-links should be deleted after 3-5 incorrect entries (for exampel).

So that would be great!

Thanks a lot,



You can use TouchID for accessing the vaults without entering long passwords every time you want to unlock them

If you have a vault mounted, go to settings -> Touch ID and just activate the general function. and for each vault set your password once. this enables you also to use your fingerprint for different vaults with different passwords. Passwords are stored safely in the apple keychain.


Hello Michael!

Yes, i know that and i use the TouchID to unlock the safe. But TouchID is not so safe as it seems. Or what about state controls? That’s why who an (optional) additional unlock code for the app itself would be great and also a deletion function in case of failed attemps.



Hi, I woukd appreciate an easy 4 digit unlock as well.


PS: Security for me is: not storing the fingerprint at all, especially not on an Android/ iOS device.

But I would like to have a 16 char password for my cloud storage and a 4-6 char pw for the access app on my local device. 16 char for a simple login is awkward.


In my opinion, I think the Cryptomator team should implement this “password to unlock the App with a PIN” function. After all, the app is not free and should be further developed. Also many tablets do not have fingerprint support, so using Cryptomator is nearly impossible if you keep to good practice and have a strong password (which generally are long and not easy to remember)