Export from Local Vault to Google Drive Vault

I have setup 2 test vaults on the Android App. One Vault is connected to my Gdrive, the other is a local Vault. Both work great and as expected. Is there a way to export, or copy, a file from the local vault into the cloud vault or vice versa? Correct me if I am wrong, but the only way I was able to take an encrypted file from my local vault was to export/decrypt it into my “download” folder, then upload/encrypt into my vault connected to Gdrive.

It would be nice if you could work on and have certain files in your local vault, then be able to transfer them over to your cloud connected vault when you want to back it up.

Yes, that should be possible. If you’re inside your local vault, tap the little arrow at the right side of a file and then choose “Share”. After that, choose “Encrypt (the one with the Cryptomator icon)” and select the Google Drive vault as the target location.

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Excellent, that worked like a charm!
Sorry for the late response, don’t think I received a notification on the reply!!

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