Existing vault is like a new one


one fault, of three, is suddenly a new one, with only the welcome.rtf inside.

The Datas of about 3GB are OK, so it seems to me.

What to do?

On my Android 9 the same as Ubuntu 20 and i assume Win10.

Maybe this helps: Empty Vault, but still allocates Space


I have tried.
I have my d an 20 Folders with 2 charakters. Inside all folders there is only one folder like this (CRG3VASBVR3MLFNH3ITUAWKD3P6JF2) located.
So I have had no tool to try.
May I ask what to do next?

What do you mean “Like this”? Does other two-character-folders have any childs folders or is there just a single child folder over all two-character-folders?

Every two-character-folder have its child folder. But only one child folder maximum per two-char-folder.

Hi Cryptomator Team,

do you have found a solution to my problem? That would be great.



Did you determined the vault root with the method described in the above article (section Solution/Workaround)?

Depending: [1.5.0 - 1.5.19] Empty Vault, but still allocates Space

I have read it once again, checked my very first folder after the ‘d’, but there is mo second root-folder. Only one. So, I suppose, no conflict.

So far, so good

What version of Cryptomator are you using?

Win10 V1.6.4 installed,
Linux portable,

its all the same

Can you provide a log file, with debug logging enabled (to be activated in general preferences), where you execute the following steps?

  1. start Cryptomator
  2. unlock the vault
  3. reveal the content
  4. lock the vault (maybe forcefully, does not matter here)
  5. quit Cryptomator

Ok, done with Ubuntu 20.

Ive tried a backup of september, but it failed.
I connected Cryptomator portable linux with the backup datas and only the one Vault failed.


have you got the logging datas?

Hi, I did it once again with Android 11. Did, to reveal, mean, open or decrypt my datas?

Where did you send the logfiles to?

to none. I thought, the programm will do it of its own.
How to send it?

I contacted you via PM.

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