Exact Audio Copy (EAC) crashes


Just want to inform that when I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) after installation of Cryptomator + WinFSP, it does not work anymore.
In detail this means I am about to press button for “CMP” for selection of file directory, EAC crashes.
A solution that works for me is to deinstall only WinFSP, then EAC is working fine.

Is there a solution for this problem?


I also had this problem yesterday. After some time I found this workaround using a batch file:

EAC tries to load a 64-bit DLL and thus crashes.


Thank you d4k0, this solution works.
Created and applied batch-file, now WinFSP is not a problem anymore for EAC.

I am glad that I could help!

Hello, I had to struggle with this issue, too. I found that Cryptomator installs an old version of WinFSP. The most recent version of WinFSP does not have the issue with EAC. Unfortunately each Cryptomator update will attempt to install the old version again.
My workaround was like this
Install Cryptomator
Stop Cryptomator
Uninstall WinFSP which came with Cryptomator
Download and install most recent version from winfsp.dev
Restart Cryptomator
Be careful with a Cryptomator update from then on because WinFSP is already installed with a newer version.

Cryptomator does not yet officially support WinFSP Version 2.x.