Error with OneDrive on iOS

I am trying to add my cryptomator folder from onedrive. when i add it the first time, it works fine. Subsequently whe i try to open the vault, as soon as i click on ito get the message:

Unexpected Error: (Empty segment encountered in request URL. Please make sure that a valid URL is specified., Code: BadRequest)

I have a vault in dropbox and that opens fine.

Has anybody seen this?

I am running Cryptomator v 1.6.2 (765) on ios 15.3.1

We are actually ending support for Cryptomator 1.x for iOS. Could you please try if you’re having the same issue with Cryptomator 2.x?

More info on the new app: Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS Release

Thanks @tobihagemann,

I downloaded Cryptomator 2. paid the 9.99 for a full upgrade. then added the one drive vault, authenticated using the authenticator app, browsed to the shared Cryptomator folder, added the password for the vault, clicked on open in Files App, entered password, ticked Enable Face ID, Clickedon unlock and now i get:

Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (CryptomatorCloudAccessCore.One-DriveError error 0.)

If i click on the unlock by Face id, i get:

Unlock Cancelled : Unlock by Face ID was not successful. Please try again.

All right, could be the same problem then. The error means that something is wrong in the URL. Is there anything specific about the path or folder names in-between? Special characters, spaces, or something like that?

Edit: Oh, wait… names don’t seem to play a role. OneDriveCloudProvider.swift#L321-L327 works with identifiers. I have a bad feeling that identifiers may contain a space. Never heard of something like that but that could explain the issue.

Edit 2: It could also be this one. OneDriveCloudProvider.swift#L541-L543, so yeah maybe something with the name? But still, it’s already encoded and shouldn’t cause a problem. Now I’m puzzled. Would be great if I could reproduce the issue.

If there is nothing unusual with your folder names (would be great if you could confirm this), we probably have no other choice then trying to fix this blindly: Invalid URL in OneDrive · Issue #189 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

There is nothing unusual about the folder names.

This is the folder name where x’s are alphabets.

Edit 1: I created another blank cryptomator folder (CryptOn) in my one drive and its still doing the same thing. if you like, I can give you access to that folder to test on your end.