Error Connecting drive

Hi !
I’m using Cryptomator for 2 mounth now and on my new PC, an Asus G501VW-FY107T with Windows 10 (Build 1703 / 15063.540) and it won’t open my drive…
It say Failed to connect to drive… My folder is on a USB drive and sync with onedrive.
On my other PC it’s works fin…

Here you can see somes screenshots!AuDUHe5ueuQAhdpGFXjO91BXd_eEZg

What can I do ?

Thank you

I must admit that I’m confused by Windows build numbers. But I believe it’s the same issue as this one:

Ok i don’t understand at all the posts XD

But my windows has completely crahsed… so i have reinstalled it and now it’s works…

But do you know why the app android on my oneplus one display error -113 all the times ? wifi or 4G…

Hm, I don’t recognize this error code. What do you mean by “all the time”? Does it already happen as soon as you open up Cryptomator for Android or later after you’ve set up a vault and trying to connect to a cloud storage service?

If it already happens at startup, it could be related to this:

The user had to enable the StartCom CA on his device. But this information is not up-to-date anymore because we’ve changed the certificate which is now signed by the Comodo CA.

Maybe your issue has nothing to do with any of this. I’m just making a wild guess. If you could be more specific, it’d be easier to find the cause of your issue. :smiley:

Ok sorry but i don’t understand all you said…

But i can explain you that I have install the app from the google playstore and after buy the upgrade in the app.

When i connect the app with onedrive to have all my passwords and sync with my computers.
But after 10 sec it display me that it couldn’t sync with onedrive ! (error -113, i have try to have more info on internet it sais that the app couldn’t access to the internet)

Hm, do you actually mean “buy”? Because Cryptomator for Android is currently in beta and you can’t buy it (yet).

Okay, you can forget what I said earlier. :smiley: Then it looks like you’re unable to connect to OneDrive. Could you please do the following:

  1. Open “Settings” inside Cryptomator
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Send log file”
  3. Choose your mail app and send an email to our support email address

Even though you’ve already posted the error code -113, maybe we can narrow it down to where this error is actually caused.

Oh shit i’m sorry :smiley:
I have confused cryptomator with enpass XD

Sorry so i have not problems with cryptomator ^^for now.

Thank you !!

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