Error Code 8V9J:NHA7:NHA7

Hello Cryptomator team,

I have been having some strange occurences with my vault. I get error code 8V9J:NHA7:NHA7 on the PC app when I try to access the vault, but accessing that SAME vault on the Android app works. Even stranger, the same vault on Android takes a different password and let’s me unlock it, with all files visible.

On the PC, if I use that same password that unlocked the Android vault, it returns with the animation denoting an incorrect password. If I use another vault’s password, it (seemingly) recognizes it, but fails to open and returns that error.

The vault they are both accessing is on Google Drive, and there’s no possibliity that they are different vaults.

On Windows, the app version is 1.6.15. On Android, it’s 1.7.5. Please help!

Hi. Please make sure that all vault files are locally available on your PC.
Seems like cryptomator is missing some root files on your PC.