Error Code 1450

I use freefilsync to copy a large director (including a significantly bloated Endnote index file) to a cryptomator vault. This is the error code that I receive, ‘Error Code 1450: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. [DirReaderPlus::readDir]’

I assume this is due to a cryptomator limitation?

Cryptomator does not have any space limitations.
I assume that you are using windows and the webdav interface.
Then this happens: Virtual drive shows capacity of system partition (C:)

If I’m correct, please switch to dokany in your vault settings and try again.

Correct regarding windows, but no, I am using the latest Cryptomator for windows 1.4.10 with Volume type Dokany.

Does the error also occur when you copy files without freefilesync into the vault?
Does it happen with all type of files or only specific ones?
Are you copying new files or are you updating existing files?
If you are updating please check if the files in the vault are read only and if they are please remove the write protection.
Is there anything suspicious in the logfile?

This may be a Cryptomator limitation.

This Message has nothing to do with free space problems. It indicates that a file request/operation took more than 10s to be started and therefore was aborted. Dokany uses 5 worker threads to handle requests. If noew every single of them is busy, another request comes in and the threads stay busy for the next 10s this request will be dropped. Unfortunatley Dokany does not allow a dynamic worker thread pool.

When issue #802 is implemeted, the user can set the number of threads by himself.

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I was getting an “Insufficient system resources” message from Windows while trying to access a folder containing 100.000+ files.
This error message in confusing as I still had a lot of free RAM, etc.
Indeed, changing the Cryptomator “timeout” flag to 100 seconds solved the issue and allowed me accessing my files. Thanks infeo !