Enhancement Request for Cryptomator

Hi, been using Cryptomator for a few weeks now, and I am amazed
at how easy it is to use and also how useful when used with
OneDrive and GoogleDrive.

I’ve been a Boxcryptor user for years until Dropbox spoiled all the
fun when it bought it and missed how Boxcryptor changes the look
of Encrypted folders.

Just wanted to add an enhancement request: to please change the
look of folders inside Cryptomator vault to show that the folders are
encrypted by putting a lock symbol or icon on each folder.

Boxcryptor does this and it makes it easy to be reminded that we are
working on encrypted folders and files.

I wouldn’t mind paying for this feature if it comes to that :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards,


With boxcryptor, the symbol was much more important, since mixed operation, encrypted/unencrypted, was possible for both directories and files. This doesn’t work with Cryptomator, either I have an encrypted vault or not. Back then I used Boxcryptor like Cryptomaotr today, I think the mixed form is dangerous because it can quickly happen that important things are not encrypted. That’s why I decide between /crypt or /open at one of the upper directory levels in order to have clear relationships here …

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Got it! Thanks Rainer.