Encryption Speed

Is it possible that encryption takes ages when files are very small?

Would you advise to use VeraCrypt instead of Cryptomator if I am not using the cloud?

I know that vera will have a container and thats not good to work with if you are connected to the cloud, while cryptomator encrypts every file seperately.

See here: Using an External Hard Drive with Cryptomator

Or here: https://community.cryptomator.org/search?q=Veracrypt

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Still, the speed question. Has Cryptomator’s average speed decreased?

I have a rather large CM container (about 10GB) on an external drive, and a lot of the files are quite small. I did this because CM is variable in size, while Veracrypt isn’t, so the diskspace is blocked for whatever container size is chosen for Veracrypt. I knew that CM was slow with small file sizes, but it has recently become so unbearably slow that I’ve decied to copy the content to a new Veracrypt container. Just copying out the files (about 130,000) takes more than a day. Often, CM copies only one file per second. That seems unrealistically slow (i5/8GB/Win10).

I cant give you a good answer but I have about 4000 files in a folder and 2000 of them I want to delete. Not possible to do that… 0,35 elements/s are being delted. And explorer is closing all the thime.