Encryption of large files, very slow speed margin

I am a Chinese user. My English is not very good. Please forgive me.

Cryptomator is a very software. It’s very convenient for the computer to cooperate on the mobile side. Recently, I’m going to encrypt some larger files on my computer.
Copying files and deleting files can be extremely slow,Frequent automatic interruption
I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried it many times. What can the administrator do to solve it?
Thank you for your reply.

How much free storage space do you have and how old is your hard drive?

My hard disk has 3T space

From your picture i guess you are using windows.

On Windows Cryptomator uses either WebDAV or Dokany to provide your unlocked vault. The first one is our legacy provdier and slow. For the latter one some users reported crashes, some other said it is really slow on their devices. Additionally you have to keep in mind that when you copy something from outside into your vault, you have to encrypt it which comes at a cost dependent on you encryption scheme.

For myself i could never reproduce the two issues with Dokany. It is fast and stable, but i am also not a power user and only store important data in the vault and not everything.