Encrypted file transfer to Cryptomator from Cryptainer LE

I have an encrypted Word file using Cryptainer LE for Windows. Will I be able to move it to the Cryptomator vault in such a way that I do not need to de-crypt it and the move does not leave any un-encrypted file trace in the process? How should I do it?

As far as I understand, Cryptainer does also just create a vault. But I might be wrong as I do not use this software.
In generally: You can not migrate encryption technics from one software (cryptainer) to another (cryptomator). So if you want to switch your encryption software, you allways have to decrypt your files with the old software and encrypt them again with your new software.
Means: You have to have access to an unencrypted version of your file and store that into your cryyptomator vault.

If my assumption is right, and your word file actually is stored in a Cryptainer vault, then open this vault to access the word file, open the cryptomator vault, and copy/move the word file from the cryptainer vault into the cryptomator vault.

Please keep in mind that cryptomator isn’t a backup solution. It is designed for storing sensitive data in online storages.

Thanks Michael for your reply.

Your assumption about Cryptainer is correct, it just creates a vault but it is limited to access from Windows and that is why I am considering a change.
My concern is this: if I follow your suggested way of moving/copying currently encrypted Word file that it will not leave an unencrypted version somewhere on my PC after the move.

Thank you

from my opinion there will nothing unencrypted left.
Because the source file is encrypted, and the target also. Decryption and encryption happens on the fly.
And as far as i know, windows does not cache files on moving. That would make most of the encryption tools for local file encryption (such as veracrypt) senseless.

And another recommendation.
Cryptomator is designed for use with an online storage where you want to keep your files in privacy.
If you only want to encrypt local files without the need of storing them online, then you would like to have a look at veracrypt, which is designed for local use and might be the better solution for you.

Thanks Michael for your response. I am quite happy with Cryptainer on Windows PCs but -. Currently I have it installed on one PC and two laptops and the encrypted vault is synced between all three machines via cloud using Syncplicity and is also accessible online - but only using Cryptainer software which only runs on Windows machines. This means that I have to take with me laptop everywhere when travelling…
I am hoping that with Cryptomator I will be able to do the same plus be able to access the Word file in the vault online from my Android phone. This I cannot do with Cryptainer. From what I can read about Veracrypt it would not be able to do that either


Sorry Michael,
I seem to have “encrypted” myself but it is still me