Encrypt particular subfolder of the cloud


I have a Dropbox cloud and I would like to encrypt only some part of the cloud (some folders related to my identity) : not all of them : with the same vault (and the same password).
For instance :
|_ ToSort (don’t need to be encrypted)
|_ Documents
|___ Personal (need to be encrypted)
|___ Study
|___ Administrative (need to be encrypted)
|___ CurrentYear (don’t need to be encrypted)

As Boxcryptor would do it : you can encrypt a specific folder.

Do you any suggestion how to manage to do it ?

Thank you for your time,


You can not encrypt files that are already in the Dropbox. You have to create a local vault, store the files in there, and then sync the vault with the Dropbox client to your online storage.

Cryptomator is not designed that way. Either files are in the vault and they are encrypted, or they are not. The same holds for subfolders.

You can create multiple vaults, so what you could do is create a vault for each of the subfolders you want to encrypt. In your case, you can have an encrypted vault named Personal and an encrypted vault named Administrative. However, this means you’ll have to enter a password for each of the vaults, and your existing folder structure will not show up in the virtual drive (as it would with Boxcryptor).

I ended up splitting my folder structure in two categories: sensitive and not sensitive (encrypted and not encrypted).