Encrypt existing data

Hello, just heard about this.
Can I use Cryptomator to encrypt data that is already on Google Drive? Would that involved just moving folders into an encrypted folder?

technically you will have to download, encrypt and upload all data.
As Cryptomator is a client side encryption tool, the files have to be at one point on your client :slight_smile:

If you want to encrypt your google drive files these are the steps:

  1. create a vault that is stored in a folder that is synced with your google drive.
    open the vault (a virtual drive appears)
  2. move all unencrypted files from gdrive into your vault (the virtual drive). They will be locally encrypted on the fly.
  3. wait until the gdrive sync is fully completed.

Step 2 is the moment your files are downloaded by the gdrive sync client
Step 3 is the moment the encrypted files are uploaded again by your gdrive sync client.