Empty folder due to empty directory file

If i open the same tresor with the windows app - everything works fine. Open the thing with the MAC app i see “nothing” ->empty folder.

Debugging says:
Caused by: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.io.IOException: Invalid, empty directory file: /Projects/d/UJ/TYIQ5QIIVAETPLWLPO224XX4G3MXAT/PtRiMBTp0xcct4IGn5ZUBE-xYFOkwy6ase0Hs3A=.c9r/dir.c9r

The dir.c9r file is not empty - it contains a string and is 36 bytes long.

So where should i search for the problem? Since the folders and names are encrypted it is difficult to search for the original source.

Thank you

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Did you check the content in this /Projects/d/UJ/TYIQ5QIIVAETPLWLPO224XX4G3MXAT/PtRiMBTp0xcct4IGn5ZUBE-xYFOkwy6ase0Hs3A=.c9r/dir.c9r file locally on the MAC or in the cloud? Because otherwise I would highly assume that this file is not yet synced completely to your MAC.

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Yes i compared all already - same size - same file. The file is fully synched.

Is the vault stored in the iCloud?

No, its stored a synology nas which is synching directly as soon as there is a file change via Dropbox.

Source Synology is ahving the same file as the destination Synology where i open it directly.

My fault - synch problems - solved.

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