Editing text files on an iPhone

I’m trying to help my wife learn how to edit text files stored in a Cryptomator vault, either plain text or rich text would be fine, on her iPhone. She can see the contents of a text file but does not seem to be able to edit it. I’ve helped her install Drafts from the App Store and she can open the file with that but changes don’t seem to be saved.

Confession: I’m a Linux/Android guy and kind of stumped…

It’s true, the Files app is unable to edit text files and there is not a “simple” text editor pre-installed. I tried Drafts for a short time and I don’t think that it is properly integrated into the Files app. You can export/import text files with it but that’s cumbersome.

This seems to be the most basic plain text editor that I could find:

But you can of course check out other apps that fit your needs.

Thank you, I will give that a try!