Editing files that are encrypted in Cloud Editors

Noob question: If I upload encrypted files to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox or NextCloud and then want to edit the file online via Google Docs or Dropbox Paper, is this possible? Can I collaborate on files that are encrypted and stored in the Cloud. Thanks.

No that’s not possible.
The documents are locally encrypted by Cryptomator. Google’s or dropboxes tools cannot decrypt them.
That is the purpose of Cryptomator. Privacy towards cloud providers.

If you want to collaborate with Cryptomator files all connected devices must have cryptomator installed and the encrypted files have to be available on the device and has to be synced frequently.

Please note: google doc files are just links to content in google. You cannot decrypt the content of a google docs file with Cryptomator, because the actual content is not stored in the file itself, but on gdrive cloud.

More about gdocs and Cryptomator:

Thanks for this info. If I were to do as you say and have all connected devices syncing Cryptomator frequently, what editing software / service would we use?

Cryptomator does only the encryption.
You still open your unencrypted files with the program you are used to.

I see a general misunderstanding what Cryptomator does and how it works.
I recommend to watch this video: