EAC Crashes due to WinFSP

There was another thread discussing this issue whereby Exact Audio Copy (EAC) crashes due to WinFSP which is installed with Cryptomator. I tried the fixes in that thread but they didn’t work for me. I have a workaround as follows: 1) Uninstall WinFSP, 2) open EAC and ripped CDs, 3) Close EAC, 4) install WinFSP (latest version 2.0.23075), 5. Reboot PC This is alot of steps and I can’t use Cryptomator when ripping CDs but with my limited programming skills it’s the best I can do without help. Is it possible to stop WinFSP without uninstalling it and then restart it after I’m finished with EAC? I am using Windows 11 Home Edition. Thanks

How much RAM do you have? If you have enough I would install virtualbox virtual machine software and then put Windows in a virtual machine for use with your CD burning software.

Microsoft just released an update version of their free virtual machine Windows 11 for Developers which is good for I think about 6 months before you have to load it again.

It would be better than uninstalling and reinstalling every time you want to run the software.

If you have a second machine that’s older you can use the windows license key for the virtual machine. I have an old computer that I don’t use to run Windows anymore but it came with the windows key so I use that for my virtual machine. All you need is a key that you are not using in production anymore.

I have 16GB of RAM. Interesting solution you are proposing, although I don’t have an old machine and would need to buy another windows license to create a VM on my PC. I started investigating other CD rippers and have two that I am trying out, one is open source and free and the other is a paid version. I’ve been using EAC for decades but I think it will be easier to switch CD rippers versus creating a VM which I know very little about. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Good luck.

Changing rippers would probably be the best way to go. I can’t even remember the last time I ripped a disc. Everything is streaming now I listen to music on Spotify and YouTube music and Amazon Prime. I don’t really listen to CDs anymore. They’re all on the internet now. Not every CD that I own but most of the CDs that I own are on the streaming servers.