E/A Device error while saving KeePass file

Hey guys

Since my new pc I have an strange error with my Cryptomator and my KeePass (inside of the cryptomator). I’m not really sure, maybe I had the same issue before.

Sometime I get this error while saving the KeePass file:

[19.06.2024 09:06:40] [KPSimpleBackup] [Info] Save database to: file:///G:/Keypass/Backup/Privat_2024.06.19_9.06.40.kdbx.bak
[19.06.2024 09:06:40] [KPSimpleBackup] [AdditionalInfo] BackupManager (BasicBackup) finished with warnings!
[19.06.2024 09:06:40] [KPSimpleBackup] [AdditionalInfo] Exception: System.IO.IOException: Die Anforderung konnte wegen eines E/A-Gerätefehlers nicht ausgeführt werden.

   bei System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
   bei System.IO.File.InternalMove(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean checkHost)
   bei KeePassLib.Serialization.IOConnection.RenameFile(IOConnectionInfo iocFrom, IOConnectionInfo iocTo)
   bei KeePassLib.Serialization.FileTransactionEx.CommitWriteTransaction()
   bei KeePassLib.Serialization.FileTransactionEx.CommitWrite()
   bei KeePassLib.PwDatabase.Save(IStatusLogger slLogger)
   bei KeePassLib.PwDatabase.SaveAs(IOConnectionInfo ioConnection, Boolean bIsPrimaryNow, IStatusLogger slLogger)
   bei KPSimpleBackup.BackupManager.SavePwDatabaseToPath(IOConnectionInfo fileInfo)
   bei KPSimpleBackup.BackupManager.SavePwDatabaseToPath(String path)
   bei KPSimpleBackup.BasicBackupManager.Backup()
   bei KPSimpleBackup.BackupManager.Run()

This I got with a KeePass backup program. But somethime it happens with the normal KeePass save feature. After that I have two KeePass file in the folder:

  • KeePassDatabase.kdbx
  • KeePassDatabase.kdbx.tmp

I’m using Windows 11 Pro, Cryptomotor (newest version) and WinFsp 2023 v2.0.23075

I don’t know if that error comes from Fuse, KeePass or Cryptomator.

Any ideas


Issue still persist, even with the Beta Version from Fuse (5.x):
KeePass EA

But it happened not every time.