During update Winfsp installation fails

I had version 1.6.17 running on Windows 11. Now I tried to update to 1.12.3. Installation failed and log shows that winfsp.msi could not be installed. Same when I try to install winfsp separately. It stops with message “winfsp 2023 setup ended prematurely”.
I tried some general solutions I found in several forums (e.g. SFC scan, clean boot, different user, re-register msiexec), but nothing helps. Anyone any idea?

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some users reported a similar issue. They could run the installer after they deleted the Winfsp install directory manually. See Issues installing Cryptomator 1.11.0 (WinFSP Installation) · Issue #3195 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

Thanks a lot. I already checked it formerly, but obviously I did not check at correct place (x86).
Now it works, and I think this behaviour is caused by the “Cryptomator_WinSFP_fix162.bat” that fixed issue #162, which was formerly required, as other apps did not work after winfsp installation. So issue created on my own…

Thanks again for the quick help. It already took me hours, should have asked earlier. :slight_smile:

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As far as i know, there exists no such file. Also the linked issue (“Localize Cryptomator in German”) does not seem to be related.

Sorry, my fault. #162 for WinFSP, that is " WinFSP causes Exact Audio Copy to crash on File Dialog". There the mentioned .bat file was provided.
That has nothing to do with Cryptomator.

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