Duplicate icons from favourites on Ubuntu

(Ubuntu 20.04, Cryptomator 1.5.4 AppImage)


When an update is released, it is my understanding I have to remove the previous AppImage manually, before installing the new version, otherwise I will have two copies of Cryptomator installed. Is this correct, or should the new version check for and remove the previous version on install?

Secondly, when adding the new version, I can add Cryptomator to the Favourites bar, however it will create duplicate icons on opening. I can mitigate this by using xprop WM_CLASS in the terminal, clicking on the Crytpomator window (which returns ‘java’), and then adding StartupWMClass=java to the .desktop file.

I would like to know if having the WM_CLASS as “java” is correct? Other applications seem to have the application name e.g. Firefox.desktop would be StartupWMClass=Firefox.


Yes you need to remove the old appimage manually. If you’ve created a favourite or a link to the appimage, then ideally rename your “working” cryptomator to cryptomator.appimage (rather than the full name with version number) , This way when you “replace” your old appimages with an updated version, you wont have to recreate or fix the shortcut names.

Alternatively as you are using ubuntu, you could use the PPA and let your system updates check for and install new versions.