Duplicate files upon "moving"

Hello! I have searched for this issue but have had little success (presumably because I am using the wrong terminology).

I have a vault that is shared between half a dozen computers via Dropbox. All of the computers in question as using Windows 10 and the newest versions of Cryptomator.

Several (but not all) of the people using this vault have reported that if they move files from one folder to another (both folders within the vault), they are finding that the files end up in both the old and the new location.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you have a reproducible case, please let us know the steps in detail. It could be a case of “syncing gone wrong” in Dropbox. Let’s say computer A moves a file and then computer B uploads/syncs the file at the old location again because it thinks that it’s missing.

Thanks so much for your reply!

The steps in this case are, with an open vault:
highlight the folder
Ctrl-X (or right-click and “Cut”, I’ve tried both)
move to other folder
Ctrl-V (or right click and “Paste”)

The dialog box comes up and says “moving 1 item” and then goes away, leaving the folder in both places.

If it is Dropbox syncing gone wrong, are there any workarounds for that?

I was unable to reproduce the issue with a completely new vault inside Dropbox:

  1. Create folder A in the root directory
  2. Create folder B in the root directory
  3. Cut folder A
  4. Navigate inside folder B
  5. Paste

As expected, folder A was not in the root directory anymore but inside folder B.

My setup:

  • Windows 10 Pro (1803)
  • Dropbox v98.4.158
  • Cryptomator 1.5.5
    • either using Dokany or WebDAV

Is there anything that could help me reproduce the issue?