Dual Boot PC WIN10/Ubuntu mit gleichem Datenlaufwerk und Propbox

Good Evening
I’m planning to build a new dual boot machine with WIN10 and Ubuntu as OSs. On both OSs the same data will be used (on a separate HDD; OSs are on a SSD) and all the data synced to a dropbox cloud.
Would you work directly with the data in the Cryptomator Vault (inside the local dropbox folder) or would you prefer to work with the data locally and have a backup software copy it in regular intervals to the Cryptomator Vault inside the dropbox folder (having a local copy that is not synced and the encrypted data in the Vault that are synced to the cloud).
Or a third cenario: a local vault that is copied/synced regularly by the backup software into the dropbox folder - means there are two identical cryptomator vaults on the data HDD, one locally and one inside the dropbox folder.
What would you prefer? And are there practical experiences with such configurations.

Thanks for your input to that,