Dropbox vault access from Mac doesn't work anymore

I use from years Cryptomator the following way, without problems :
I have 2 vaults stored in Dropbox.
Until recently, it was possible to access or to modify these 2 vaults from my PC OR from my Mac, without any problem.
Since short time, access is KO from my mac but is still OK from my PC !
Now from my Mac :

  • when i try to open first vault, i get error message 910E:23FV:GGRI
  • when i try to open second vault, it opens but looks empty (in reality it is not).
    What is incomprehensible is that both 2 SAME vaults can normally be opened from my PC !
    Is someone getting same problem or have an idea to solve this ?

Please post your error message here. There is no record to this number in the error database, so its hard for anyone to investigate what might cause your issues.

And as alwasy when something works fine on PC 1 and doesnt on PC 2: please make sure your sync is completely done and all vault files are available to the cryptomator app.