Drive Name to Network Drive

After I updated the latest version few days ago, I keep on encountering my drive letter missing.
After mapping to E: drive, it works for a while, then the drive suddenly disappears and under My Computer, notice the drive became a “Network locations” with mapping to “\cryptomator-vault@xxxxx\DavWWWRoot\xxxxxx” where x is masked.
Anyway, to fix it to a drive letter?

I recommend to switch your volume type to FUSE and not use WebDAV.
That might also fix your issue.

If you dont have that option in your cryptomator volumen-type settings, please install WinFSP

Thanks Micahel for the suggestion.
Somehow it works again last 2 days. Not really sure what happen though I restart my notebook before.
Anyway, should it happen again, will try your method.

Thank you