Drive name now says "Vault"

On the current Windows release … when I point to an empty folder… for example “c:\holospace” to create a vault, after creation and mount the vault appears as
Vault (G:)
in Windows Explorer.

Before I updated it would appear as
Holospace (G:)

What am I doing wrong? How can I get drive label to match the folder housing the encrypted stuff.

Oh… dammn, yep, this is not how it should work. I fixed recently something regarding vault names, but seems like it introduced a new bug :sweat_smile: Will fix it asap. Thanks for the info.

And by the way: Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slight_smile:

FWIW, the vault icon also changed and uses the Macrium Reflect mounted image icon.

I’m a new user and found it strange that it just said “Vault (E)”. After creating a couple of vaults on OneDrive I could not tell which was which, so I searched and found this thread. I see it is on your radar so I’ll wait for a fix.

Regarding the drive icon: This is not done by Cryptomator. There is a feature request to set the drive icon in one of our repositories, but up to now it is not implemented.

I already fixed it (see this change for the technically inclined). But it may take some time until we’ll release a new version.

But there is a workaround: The mount name of your vault can manually set by opening the vault options, navigate to the mount options and set the mount name.

Hello all

I have updated last weekend to the new version (1.6.11) and have basically the same problem.

I can rename the Vault to differentiate different Vaults (Lock Vault => Vault Options => General => Vault Name) and this works fine. However, if I shut down my computer and restart it, the name changes back to Vault.

Can you help (or do you need more specific information maybe?).

Thank you…

Hello Infeo,

just checked again today and it seems that it stil does not work correctly. Have you had time take a look at this? Let me know if you need further information from my side (also see my last comment 6 days ago).

Thank you


You might be affected by a bug, which causes changed settigns not to be persisted. (see It is fixed with the newest Crypotmator release 1.6.14, which can be downloaded already from our Github repository.

If you are uncomfortable with it, we’ll update our website soon.

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