Drive name now says "Vault"

On the current Windows release … when I point to an empty folder… for example “c:\holospace” to create a vault, after creation and mount the vault appears as
Vault (G:)
in Windows Explorer.

Before I updated it would appear as
Holospace (G:)

What am I doing wrong? How can I get drive label to match the folder housing the encrypted stuff.

Oh… dammn, yep, this is not how it should work. I fixed recently something regarding vault names, but seems like it introduced a new bug :sweat_smile: Will fix it asap. Thanks for the info.

And by the way: Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slight_smile:

FWIW, the vault icon also changed and uses the Macrium Reflect mounted image icon.

I’m a new user and found it strange that it just said “Vault (E)”. After creating a couple of vaults on OneDrive I could not tell which was which, so I searched and found this thread. I see it is on your radar so I’ll wait for a fix.

Regarding the drive icon: This is not done by Cryptomator. There is a feature request to set the drive icon in one of our repositories, but up to now it is not implemented.

I already fixed it (see this change for the technically inclined). But it may take some time until we’ll release a new version.

But there is a workaround: The mount name of your vault can manually set by opening the vault options, navigate to the mount options and set the mount name.

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