Dont Show my Data in the Android App

Hey Folks,

i have just installed the cryptomator and linked it to my Dropbox. As far as all is well, the files have been encrypted.

However, i can now access the container with the Android app,
i have linked the MaskerKey, but it only shows me only old data that habe already been deleted

I already refreshed it many times and reinstalled the app, but it displayed no new files.

Does anyone know advice?

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Please make sure that the sync client on the device where you added / deleted these files has finished the synchronization, because Cryptomator for Android connects directly to Dropbox, if these changes have not already been applied, the app will not know about it.

Hey SailReal,
thanks for the advise!

Where can I make this setting?
do I need another app for this?

Best regards

To me, your first post sounded like you set up Cryptomator on the computer with the Dropbox cloud. You created a vault there and made some changes in the vault via the PC, but these changes are not visible in the android app.
If all this is true, my tip would have been to see if the Dropbox Sync client on the computer has already synchronized all the changes to the files on the PC or if it is still uploading…

On the desktop yes, Cryptomator doesn’t sync files, it only places the files at the selected location in the local file system and the sync client of the respective cloud then synchronizes the changes. The Android app, on the other hand, connects directly to the cloud storage and therefore does not require any additional software.

You are right, the problem was that the Dropboxfolder didnt refresh.
Thank you!