Donation key payment option: Why Paddle only

Under “Donations” you can pay via bank transfer and credit card, not so with donation key. Why?
donation key payment is handled over Paddle - a not privacy friendly payment provider:

Because selling software internationally is a tax nightmare. Having a merchant of record makes this whole thing feasible for us. PayPal, Stripe etc. are “just” payment service providers and you have to deal with tax compliance yourself. We’re always open for alternatives if they provide a better service.

For German user the best alternatives for privacy (and security) are Paydirekt and Giropay.

Paydirekt is German alternative to Paypal, without leaving German server.
Giropay is a “bridge” which redirect user to own bank site, so data don’t leave Germany too.

That was not my point. Here is a great blog post about the tax nightmare that I’ve mentioned:

To be fair user privacy should get higher value than that.
Specially for tools like Cryptomator.

I’d like to get a Donation Key, but after reading a lot of critical reviews of Paddle I would not want to use them for making a payment. I plan on just making a donation via PayPal and would like to know if it is possible to receive a Donation Key at some point based on that PayPal contribution?

I mean, if using Paddle is indeed abhorrently wrong, we’d like to review other options. Could you please point me to the critical reviews?

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For example:

Data Transfer
Paddle processes Personal Data in the UK, Republic of Ireland, and the US. Data stored and processed by the Paddle platform may sometimes be moved between these zones (in a secure manner).

This is bad because DSGVO / GDPR

Any news?
Apple Pay would also another privacy friendly provider

Somewhere else I read negative reports on Paddle, so I won’t be using it, so I donated instead. (Same amount as for a ‘supporter certificate’, but I have no problem not getting the certificate).
Keep up the good work!

I am a newbie and am using Cryptomator on Windows 10 so far. Only just now I noticed you also released Android version (as said, ‘newbie’, i.e. I wasn’t aware of it/did not check). That is good, but … bad luck though… : Paddle…