Donation key not working in windows?

Hi there,

I’ve just picked a donation key and have successfully used in the desktop client for Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). I’ve tried the same key in the desktop client for Windows 10, but nothing happens when I enter it into the box.

Have I run into an issue or do I need to make a further donation?


The same key must work, maybe there is some copy/paste error?

No joy, unfortunately. I’ve tried copying it directly from the Linux client and it’s still not working. Something must be wrong with either the key or the Windows client.

I’ve looked for hidden Unicode characters and have run the key through a base64 decoder, but everything appears to be fine. However, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the (seemingly random) trailing characters, as I’m not familiar with the codebase yet.

Could anything else be going wrong?

Upgrading to version 1.5.7 fixed the issue.